Return Policy

DOA (Dead on Arrival)/Replacement Policy

  1. Unit is declared to fit DOA if any hardware failure or its working abnormal than usual (Excluding Software’s).
  2. DOA will be considered within 15 days from the Date of purchase.
  3. POP (proof of purchase) must contain unit serial number, date (in printed format) and dealer / distributer stamp.
  4. Handwritten POP are not accepted for any DOA claiming purpose.
  5. CID (customer induced damage) will not be considered for DOA replacement.
  6. DOA due to pixel will be considered only as per standard policy.
  7. Any software related issues will not be considered for DOA replacement.
  8. Coconics will provide the DOA report to customer.
  9. DOA report should be generated only 1 time against a serial number.
  10. DOA machine with manufacturer original packing and all accessories needs to be submitted back within 30 days of DOA report generated date.
  11. Order will be processed within 3 working days from the date of order.
  12. Customer can cancel the order before the shipment of product from our warehouse.
  13. Payment will be processed within 15 days from the date of receipt of the DOA machine at the Coconics Office.
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